SymMap integrates traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with modern medicine (MM) through both internal molecular mechanism and external symptom mapping.

It contains 499 herbs registered in the Chinese pharmacopoeia with 19,595 ingredients, and 1,717 corresponding symptoms used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM symtptom). Those TCM symptoms were rigorously mapped to 961 symptom terms used in modern medicine (MM symptom). Furthermore, SymMap collected associated targets (gene) and diseases for these herbs, either by symptom-disease associations, or by ingredient-target relationships. In total, 4,302 targets and 5,235 diseases were included in SymMap.

Currently, SymMap provides massive descriptive information on herbs, TCM symptoms, MM symptoms, ingredients, targets and diseases. It also provides pairwise relationships among all these six types of components through direct association or indirect statistical inference. In summary, it displayed a network for integrative relationships among all six components.



Users can browse all herbs, TCM symptoms etc., and navigate an interested herb or other component by clicking the SymMap ID in the browse page.


Users can explore for a particular herb, TCM symptom or other components in the search page. The search result includes a check list and a visualization page.


Users can download the description information for all the six components in a tabular format. The help information about this format is introduced in detail.